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Adding or removing black-list & white-list entries.

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The Cybernetfinder email system uses a sophisticated and extremely customizable anti spam system. The system is based on the Merak Mail Server, developed and supplied by Ice Warp Software .

Even though the system does a very good job of filtering spam, it is simply impossible for 100% of all un-solicited messages to be properly filtered.

Therefore the system allows you to manage your own personal Black-list & White-List (BW & WL).

The Black list is basically a list of specific email addresses that will be blocked from your mailbox.

The White list is basically the opposite; a list of specific email addresses whose messages will be explicitly delivered to your Inbox regardless of content.

The following images illustrate the process involved in adding or removing entries on your Black & White list. The Red arrows used in the images are there to draw your attention to the important items.

Figure 1: Go to the url of your domains Web Mail tool.

Figure 2: Login to your email account using the WebMail tool.

Figure 3: Click on the Settings button, located in the tool bar across the top of the window, but below the web site address bar. Look for the Red arrow.

Figure 4: Click on the link to "Server Tools". It is locate don the left side at the botton of the list.

Figure 5: Locate the email address that you plan to remove. Then click on the link that starts with the words; "Specified Header". See the Red arrow.

Figure 6: After clicking, scroll to the bottom of the window. The email address in question is shown in the "String" field" If necessary you can edit the address here. The "Action" to be taken is highlighted with the 2nd Red arrow. You can click on the drop down menu for more options. Finally the 3rd Red arrow highlights the various action buttons. If you made a change, click "Modify". To add a new item or new conditions, click "Add" to completely remove the item from the BL or WL, by or WL click remove.

Keep in mind that you can add an item to the BL or WL by coming to this section of the WebMail tool and simply entering the email address in the string field, chosing the action and then clicking Add.

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