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Setting up your Microsoft Outlook 2003 - POP3 Email Account to leave a copy of email on the Server.

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The objective of this document is to explain;
  • How to make the required settings
  • Who should use this feature
  • Things you should to consider

How to setup:
1. Click on "Tools"
2. Scroll & select "Email Accounts"
3. Select "View or Change"
4. Click on the account and then press the button "Change"
5. Now click on the "More settings" button in the bottom right corner (see the image below)

Selecting the More settings button

6. Now click on the "Advanced" tab (see the image below)

Selecting the Advanced tab

7. In the "Delivery" section at the bottom of the dialog, click in the boxes "Leave a copy .." & "Remove from server when deleted .." (See the image below)

Making selection in the Delivery section.

8. Click "OK" & "Next" until all dialog boxes are closed.

Who should use this feature?
  • If you need to check your email on more than one computer (i.e. home and office) this feature will allow you review messages at both machines.
  • If you travel and require access to messages that have been previously read.

Things to consider:
  • The mail will continue to appear in your Inbox unless your implement the recommendations shown above in Step 7. This will cause you to do additional work (deleting and filing mail more than once).
  • If you do not file and or delete messages your mailbox can quickly reach its capacity.
  • If you need access to your Inbox on multiple computers, you may want to consider switching to an IMAP email account. IMAP will allow you to not only view your Inbox online, but you will also be able to view your Sent items & Drafts folder. You will also be able to create additional online folders. Click here for more info about IMAP. If you decide to investigate a change from your current profile, keep in mind we do not charge extra for IMAP accounts.
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