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Configuring your Email software (Outlook Express)

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To setup Outlook Express on Windows with a new Email account, click on the tools menu. See the red circle below.

Finding the

Now, click on add in the top right corner of the dialog box shown below.

Add a Mail account

Now select the correct server type from the drop menu. The usual value is “POP3”.

Then enter the name “” in the incoming and outgoing mail server space provided. Then click next. See the image below.

Selecting Account Type & Adding Server Name

Now enter your user id and password that was provided on the Email Configuration document. Then click next. See the image below.

Adding your user id & password.

Then click Finish and send a test message to If you have configured everything correctly you will receive a reply within a few minutes.

If you get an error message trying to send the test message, please refer to the special instructions on Page 2 of the Email Configuration Document.

Please let us know if you found this article helpful.

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